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DiverCITY Biz is a bilingual platform for successful leaders and entrepreneurs leading in the global economy. Their stories of resilience and innovation will give us the edge to develop game-changer mindset that we can use to reinvent and adapt in today’s business world. 

DiverCITY Biz es un espacio bilingüe para líderes y emprendedores que han logrado el éxito atravez de la innovación con una trayectoria inmensurable de resultados. Personalidades que crean su propia cadena de valor en la economía global.

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Tyson Ernst – Seeking Work Integration for Persons with Disabilities E15 DiverCITY Biz

Back on 2005, Tyson lost his sight in both eyes and regardless of the circumstances, he displays extreme resilience. He is United States Army Veteran, percussionist teacher for over 20 years.Today is the Founder of VIPER (Visually Impaired Professional and Employee Resources) with a life mission to create work opportunities for visually impaired people. He is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ambassador and wants to share his journey with 5000 Human Resource representatives.❇️ LinkedIn contact https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyson-ernst-21050b202❇️ IG https://instagram.com/tysonernst717?utm_medium=copy_link
  1. Tyson Ernst – Seeking Work Integration for Persons with Disabilities E15
  2. Maternidad Feliz con Lena Bu, Mentora de Mamis E14
  3. Tariko Satterfield – Founder of Exposure Mentor Academy E13
  4. Discovery Coach Kari Schwear – Founder of Gray Tonic E12
  5. Mario Adonahí Maya – Desarrollo de Proyectos Inmobiliarios E11

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