The Power of Inclusion

Inclusion in the workforce is usually understood as creating and promoting opportunities for under represented groups to join the table of negotiations. However the impact of inclusion is much bigger in one’s career and promotes the effect of psychological contract.

First by promoting employees’ critical thinking, identifying their areas of expertise that complements the job skills-set. Encouraging employees to share their visions and ideas, that can be implemented, not only promotes ownership but creates solution opportunities. In today’s global economy is key to drive and promote innovation, and it can be achieved by diversifying business ventures and talent. Recalling the great Michelangelo and one of his master piece with unlimited creativity, the Sistine Chapel. Reflection: Part of our human nature is to seek for challenges, and there is nothing more rewarding that being the architect of solutions. Do we offer a platform where employees can uncover their full spectrum of creativity?

Second point, is 360 degrees of communication, in today’s fast paste environment where finger-tip communication are often used. Do organizations offer communication flow chart or processes to identify lines of communication? In the work force we spend most our time communicating ideas, decisions, milestones, challenges, concerns, among other key information. Communication can be interpreted from many angles, and it can be influenced by biases, believes, cultural background and other environmental forces. A great example is conflict resolution that requires interpersonal communication, and where relationships and partnerships can be restored and strengthen. Let’s keep in mind that Electronic communication do no carry content, tone, nor emotions. Although it’s a great tool, but it should no replace human interaction. Reflection: Do we offer a communication network designed to build cohesiveness and inclusive teams? if no, what is your vision to achieve your desired outcome?

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