We are Spot of Solutions, together we will travel in a transformational journey, whether is your professional, entrepreneur or business pathways.

At this moment, you are likely going around in circles in your career or business without knowing how to get out of the loop that prevents you from taking the reins and redirecting them to the right place.

In addition, you are having trouble getting out of this trap that is affecting your personal life.

In summary,

What are you looking for? Transform your life project and set yourself on a new path.

It sounds like a fantasy tale of instant success. What you need is to incorporate a roadmap into your projects that will help you achieve your goals:

You can do this without frustrating yourself in the process and helping you increase your income.

Discover what you have TODAY and build what you want TOMORROW

Over the years working in more than 10 companies in project & program management and business consulting, I built my career experience in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). I learned entrepreneurial success is only achieved with persistence and focused action.

I am Verónica Castro, Mechanical Engineer, MBA in Business and 5 international certifications. I know firsthand that maximum potential can be achieved when you make the wise decision to take ownership of your life despite the imposter syndrome we may experience.

Our mission is to foster and promote human innovation, fostering collaborative cultures. This translate into highly productive teams and increase on company profits.

Here is What We Offer You

Personalized coaching to meet your best version. Discover tools and strategies to boost your career and position your company.

Choose Your Favorite Plan & Get To The Next Level

Individual Authority Program

Designed for talented professionals who feel stuck in their current position. This personalized program is for professionals that decided to move up on the corporate ladder. The 1-1 coaching program that takes you thru a transformational journey to become a successful professional.

Business Authority Program

This program is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up founders. If you are seeking to position yourself in your industry as an authority to attract more services and clients. The customized plan is the GPS to create innovative teams, maximize revenues, improve business continuity and allow scalability.

Other facts about Veronica Castro:

DiverCITY Biz is a bilingual platform for successful leaders and entrepreneurs leading in the global economy. Their stories of resilience and innovation will give us the edge to develop game-changer mindset that we can use to reinvent and adapt in today’s business world.

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