Today’s Challenge

High demand for problem solvers and skilled employees, those that are passionate about adding value, continuous learning and owning the execution of results. Although  many corporations have been working tirelessly to implement inclusive environments, recent series of public events in the U.S. shows that there is a long way to go, on the creation of inclusive  work environments. Limited opportunities for career growth on STEM, IT and Construction reported require culture re-engineering. Once the problem is identified, employees’ industry turnover will  decrease, enabling organizational growth. First step is to recognize that need and implementation of  intentional diversity, equity and inclusion programs. Intentional word is referencing to the  improvement of existing culture aimed for inclusivity. Diversity is part of each individual’s uniqueness  and should be celebrated in the workspace. The goal is to integrate the human aspect into the work  environment, by improving human interaction. 

Source: Kaporcenter White and Asian women had the highest rates of dissatisfaction with their company’s leadership and management (47%)–significantly higher than underrepresented women of color (32%) and White and Asian men (38%).

Value Proposition

We create value by delivering solutions in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focused on talent optimization. Our mission is to add value by providing structure and eliminating operational challenges. Our solutions include shaping and nurturing inclusive culture, productivity increase, team building, Project & Program management in STEM, IT and Construction industries. We adapt to different business stages based on your organization needs.

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Current State

This is translated in understanding if the organization’s vision is aligned with its current state. Organizational challenges are identified by performing in-depth root cause analysis. Some of our methodologies used are Kaizen waste identification, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threads (SWOT) analyses.


After identifying gaps and current state, next is to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), operations process optimization and eliminate waste activities. Also we perform skip-level interviews, feedback sessions and create other platforms for employees to voice their talent, ideas and expertise. Often resources are underutilized creating waste and profit leaks. These issues arise over time, causing irreversible negative financial impact.


We provide metrics tool to track and measure organizational results in different timeframes: 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Adaptation, consistency and commitment are key elements to our success. We provide tangible results translated into cash flow, sustainable operations and client satisfaction.

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Let’s build something TOGETHER